Friday, January 20, 2012

Hidden message

why did it begin.
why did it never stop?
who is responsible for the outcome?

did we deserve it?
or was it just a coincident
the odds are so small though.

polices are corrupt.
atheism is a minority.
so what to believe
the flying spaghetti monster?
enough with bullshit.
betray the norm.
irresponsible politics and fundamentalist brought this on us.
no more.

did we deserve it?
or was it just a coincident
the odds are so small though.

can we brake free
or are we stuck?
make us strong

so we can think by our self.
lies and distractions
arrogance and narcissism
so thoughtless
humble, yet so humble.

postpone and remake
Useless words
no meaning
But distract
just focus
u know the anwser is here.
39 rows with words, but the meaning is just in the first character of every row.

Something i wrote. Try to understand it, it might be important for the future.
Please share on your blogs if you have one! The capital letters are there for a reason.


  1. Definitely brilliant. I approve of this message!

  2. Wow this some serious talent! Following!

  3. i really like your style of writing, not sticking to normal laws of english and grammar, using capitals in a different way. i like it keep up the work ill be following +1