Friday, January 20, 2012

Move out.

So, PIPA and SOPA does not seem to be a big threat anymore because of the 7 million people signing the Google petition they held up the 19th. In a statement earlier Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said following: "in light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday's vote"  The vote on Tuesday he refers to is obviously the planned PIPA vote.
Likewise happened with SOPA. Later the same day Rep. Lamar Smith said that he would also postpone his bill.

So here is what i think about the whole situation. USA is a shitty land. The only reason these morons "postponed" the bills were because their voters were more important then the threat against bigger companies from small newly created ones. This is statement is nothing but rescue for them.
And sure, it is good that they listen to their voters, they are representing them in the congress. But what if, just if...THEY WOULD THINK FOR THEM SELF! Just once... But this is impossible.

" Oh a censorship act. It would not be weird if i called this SOPA and put it out as an legislation proposal, would it? Nah not in the free and happily forever after country USA! Because it is freedom to be censored, isn't it? " 

THE LAAAAND OF THE FREEEEEE.... That is how the song ends...If your congress put this out and is actually serious with it, does it seem like a free country to you?
I am done, even though the people in the congress today is stupid there is no sign of change. Not anyway near. So here is my new words of wisdom. Move out.

To Sweden, here is everything pretty good. Unless you are young and unemployed. Then you are pretty much screwed. but move out from USA, because there you are screwed anyway.


  1. With the recent shutdown of Megavideo, it seems sopa/pipa might not be needed at all.

  2. Yeah, really they shut down all the "mega____" websites without SOPA and PIPA. I don't understand how it's legal for the United States to police and censor the internet when it's world wide and not every website is based in the United States.
    Moving to Sweden sounds like a great idea, I've actually wanted to visit there for a while.