Friday, January 20, 2012

Hidden message

why did it begin.
why did it never stop?
who is responsible for the outcome?

did we deserve it?
or was it just a coincident
the odds are so small though.

polices are corrupt.
atheism is a minority.
so what to believe
the flying spaghetti monster?
enough with bullshit.
betray the norm.
irresponsible politics and fundamentalist brought this on us.
no more.

did we deserve it?
or was it just a coincident
the odds are so small though.

can we brake free
or are we stuck?
make us strong

so we can think by our self.
lies and distractions
arrogance and narcissism
so thoughtless
humble, yet so humble.

postpone and remake
Useless words
no meaning
But distract
just focus
u know the anwser is here.
39 rows with words, but the meaning is just in the first character of every row.

Something i wrote. Try to understand it, it might be important for the future.
Please share on your blogs if you have one! The capital letters are there for a reason.

Move out.

So, PIPA and SOPA does not seem to be a big threat anymore because of the 7 million people signing the Google petition they held up the 19th. In a statement earlier Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said following: "in light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday's vote"  The vote on Tuesday he refers to is obviously the planned PIPA vote.
Likewise happened with SOPA. Later the same day Rep. Lamar Smith said that he would also postpone his bill.

So here is what i think about the whole situation. USA is a shitty land. The only reason these morons "postponed" the bills were because their voters were more important then the threat against bigger companies from small newly created ones. This is statement is nothing but rescue for them.
And sure, it is good that they listen to their voters, they are representing them in the congress. But what if, just if...THEY WOULD THINK FOR THEM SELF! Just once... But this is impossible.

" Oh a censorship act. It would not be weird if i called this SOPA and put it out as an legislation proposal, would it? Nah not in the free and happily forever after country USA! Because it is freedom to be censored, isn't it? " 

THE LAAAAND OF THE FREEEEEE.... That is how the song ends...If your congress put this out and is actually serious with it, does it seem like a free country to you?
I am done, even though the people in the congress today is stupid there is no sign of change. Not anyway near. So here is my new words of wisdom. Move out.

To Sweden, here is everything pretty good. Unless you are young and unemployed. Then you are pretty much screwed. but move out from USA, because there you are screwed anyway.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA and PIPA, how about NOPA.

So today is the 18th of January. And everyone who is a bit up to date about the internet knows that today is the day when several high populated websites went down to show the world how much we need the free internet.
Of course this is about the Stop online piracy act and the protect IP act.

If you have read through theese acts or know atleast something about them you proabably understood that this is just another way to screw the people over. Both of theese acts are very stupid and did against all odds get alot of backup. My mind was blown when i saw what companies actully supported these acts. Big companys like Apple, Viacom, Visa and Sony. The acts lets the US govnerment block sites or even force them to go offline incase that they are in someway aiding the piracy. This could mean that if i wikipedia for example has a link as a soruce with advertisement to the pirate bay Wikipedia could get forced to shut down.

In the next week and in the beginning of February the congress will discuss theese acts and hopefully, thanks to the users of the internet, dismiss them both. It is important that we keep this fight going, most of my readers have hopefully already done something to work against these acts but if you havent, it is time to do it now. Sign this petition.

If you dont know to much about this. Check out this informative

Its time to unite for our rights to spread information as we want to. Say no to SOPA and PIPA!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Atheist Bean = Bean the Atheist,

You have to excuse me for my lousy new name. It is not my fault that my newly created blog refuses to work for me anymore. Which resulted in a new blog! Though I had to get a new name because my old one was already taken. By me.

So this new blog is not any different from my old one. I am still the Atheist Bean, i am still a complaining douche. But hey, you don't need to follow me or even read any further, even though I want you to.

So i will probably release a new text tomorrow night or if i get time in a few hours. But this is as much of a blog post you guys will get for now.

Best Regards
Bean The Atheist.

Be Skeptic Part Two - Old Blog Text

So my last post was some kind of greeting. A way to say that i now exist here on This time i will go a little deeper into my last past. So this is a post about a post.

Last time i wrote a post called Be Skeptic.
So how are you Skeptic? If you are a smart person, you have learned this by yourself, or at least will.
Though there are some stupid fucks in this world as well. Consider this post as a guide to be skeptic.

If you believe in either God (any of them), Santa, or monster below your bed you are probably stupid. All of these named above are fictional stains in our society. But there's only one that people actully can believe their whole life. And i feel sorry for the people who do, because they are to stupid to realize that imaginary friends are for little kids and one or two mentally disturbed guys. So here's where my guide's take place.

It is probably to late to save the 24/7 praying hipster douches but we can still save the next generation.When kids are small, they are very impressionable. That why they believe stupid shit like Santa or god.
We must not forget that this is not just the time for stupid ass parents to teach their kids about god, but it is also your time to troll the shit out of your little brother/sister.

If you tell your little brother for example all stupid-ass lies. Like if it rains for more then seven days a row the whole world will drown, or like if he don't poo every day it will get stuck and he will die. Things like this that scares him out, a lot of these things. This will result that the little dude wont believe a single word you tell him in the future, neither anyone else words either.

Do you understand, by lying about shit to him, he will grow up as a skeptic. He will analyze everything, read up about all kinds of things so he can be sure that no one tricks him into believing in anything stupid.

This does work like a charm, try it for yourself.

Best Regards

[This text belongs to, which is my old blog.]

Be Skeptic Part One - Old Blog Text

So, Here it goes, first post as a blogger.

I am gonna start of by explaining my name and why i am here in the first place.
I am not here, to get attention. I am not here, to run a blog.
I am here for one reason. To spread idea's. As V said Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

I will never care about how my blog "looks" with other words, i choose this look because it's simply and easy. Bright and normal. Further than this i will never go. Nor am i gonna update my profile or anything like that, to you my readers, i am Bean.

As long as my idea's goes there's a bit more. I wont only post atheist post, probably they wont even be majority. I will post anything that crosses my mind. Though you might want to expect things that annoy me. I got more shit to say about these things.

I intend to write with facts. Every post is here for a reason. I might want to make the world a bit smarter i guess and not just to listen to any bullshit political party and believe everything they spit out.
So here is my first words of wisdom.

Be Skeptic.

[This text does belong to, which is my old blog]