Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA and PIPA, how about NOPA.

So today is the 18th of January. And everyone who is a bit up to date about the internet knows that today is the day when several high populated websites went down to show the world how much we need the free internet.
Of course this is about the Stop online piracy act and the protect IP act.

If you have read through theese acts or know atleast something about them you proabably understood that this is just another way to screw the people over. Both of theese acts are very stupid and did against all odds get alot of backup. My mind was blown when i saw what companies actully supported these acts. Big companys like Apple, Viacom, Visa and Sony. The acts lets the US govnerment block sites or even force them to go offline incase that they are in someway aiding the piracy. This could mean that if i wikipedia for example has a link as a soruce with advertisement to the pirate bay Wikipedia could get forced to shut down.

In the next week and in the beginning of February the congress will discuss theese acts and hopefully, thanks to the users of the internet, dismiss them both. It is important that we keep this fight going, most of my readers have hopefully already done something to work against these acts but if you havent, it is time to do it now. Sign this petition.

If you dont know to much about this. Check out this informative

Its time to unite for our rights to spread information as we want to. Say no to SOPA and PIPA!